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Rebel and Rise

Raw conversations about life, leadership and rising above the status quo. 

Jan 18, 2019

There’s a story we tell ourselves when we see someone’s successes. We get captivated and we start to make assumptions about the results that we see someone else achieve.

“Oh they’re so lucky”
“Everything must be so easy and fantastic”
“She must just have everything she wants”.

The reality is that regardless of the followers or the success or the results, is that there is still lots of struggle there. It’s not easy by any means; struggle doesn’t just avoid the people who are successful.

Krystal Sutherland is the perfect example; she has 1.3 million Instagram followers and her life and full time career is being an online social media influencer. Krystal joined me for this episode of Rebel and Rise and she got really real about the fact that despite feeling so blessed and grateful for the life and career that she has, it still comes with its share of challenges.

You definitely want to listen to this episode; Krystal gets real about her insecurities and how she’s tackled them, how she balances a full time career with being a mom and a wife, how she’s really stepped into the CEO role of her business over this last year and how working on her own confidence is something she’s most proud of.